Gaussian Cheat Sheet with Python

version 2020-10-20

I collected basic information about Gaussian, a.k.a. normal, distributions: the PDF, CDF, (1 - CDF), and CDF-1, their formulas, how they vary by mean and standard deviation, how they relate to similar functions (especially erf and erfc), and how to import them in Python or what code to use if you can't.

The Cheat Sheet (199K .pdf)

Below are the Jupyter notebook the .pdf was rendered from,
the Latex-enabled Markdown, really all that's in the notebook,
and the images of the graphs.

Gaussian_Cheat_Sheet_Python.ipynb (16K) the Jupyter notebook (12K) the Jupyter/MathJax/LaTeX-flavored markdown
Makefile (1K)
Q.png (12K)
erf.png (13K)
erfc.png (14K)
erfinv.png (12K)
std_cdf.png (12K)
std_pdf.png (16K)

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