"Feathers" in the scatterplot of OEIS A001414

More pictures, and some code.

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A001414 page.

The pictures below are given as html files for an ugly combo of reasons. To get the png file, "save image as" from its web page.

The two "hist" files are (sideways) histograms of the first 100,000 and 10,000,000 (respectively) entries in the sequence. They show the signs of the sequence having been cut off. This histogram of the *whole* sequence is itself in the OEIS: A000607.

A001414_hist_1E5_png.html (1K) histogram of values up to a(1e5).
A001414_hist_1E7_png.html (1K) histogram of values up to a(1e7).
A001414_lin_lin_100_png.html (1K)
A001414_lin_lin_200_png.html (1K)
A001414_lin_lin_400_png.html (1K)
A001414_lin_lin_800_png.html (1K)
A001414_lin_log_png.html (1K)
A001414_log_log_png.html (1K)
A001414_py.txt (3K) Python/Matplotlib code to generate these plots.
A001414_thumb_png.html (1K)
Havermann_a001414.png (92K) from the OEIS website.
factor_py.txt (13K)
primes_py.txt (4K)

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