The Witham Button is nigh.


The idea of the "Witham Button" is a button with a battery (or perhaps powered by the force of pressing the button), a transmitter and a serial number. You get a box of buttons with one receiver, which connects to your computer by USB.

You configure (serial-number-button-press -> computer-action) pairs with some software on your computer.

Then you place the buttons in significant places. So, I get a letter at my post office. The postman puts the letter into the back of my P.O. box and presses the button there. The computer in the post office sends me a txt. That sort of thing.

My friend Fred noticed this similar (but more complicated) concept: The Wise Button.

My friend Dave got pictures of something simple (though large) at a CVS. This button rings a bell in the back of the store. That wouldn't need a computer. But we're close.

Note serial number on the back:

My work is done here.

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